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Viennese-Siberian Winter Impressions

Winter ist almost gone, the sun shines like fighting against the coldest of the four seasons. We know who is going to win, it is only a matter of time. It feels like Siberian Winter has taken control of Vienna, cold and unpleasant as it is. The only one who is not willing to let that Winter spread its darkness all over the world is Winters enemy. Sun, oh Sun, please me with joy and let me swift into your deepest warmth. I am waiting for you to struggle and fight.I am waiting for ever. Do not give up on me.


  1. Ich liebe die ersten Sonnestrahlen nach langen Wintern. Dann kommt schon richtige Vorfreude auf.


  2. i love your comments :) thanks for it!

    the sun is also brighter every day here in Mexico :)I hate hot weathers!


  3. I have recently been in Vienna I love that city, but it unbelievable cold! And we weren't that lucky to get some sunshine...
    Nice pictures.


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